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CLC Discus Enterprise

We are a team of people dedicated to produce quality Malaysia discus fish for the tropical fish industry.

We breed most of the strains in the market. A photo catalogue of farm’s discus fish can be found in our discus fish picture section of our web site.

If you are a looking for a discus fish farm with good source of quality discus fish for your business, consider us as your supplier. Do visit our website pages for more info:

Located in Penang, Malaysia, we supply to both local and international wholesalers, importers, distributors, breeders, aquariums and tropical fish consolidators.

Why choose us as your supplier?

  1. Because quality, good natural breeding practices and combined with 30 years of tropical fish breeding experience of our master breeder, we provide you with the best quality discus
  2. By doing business with us directly, your customers can be assured of getting consistent quality and new varieties that will help you grow your business
  3. As hobbyist ourselves, we love our discus and provides them with the best care and use only natural nutrition
  4. By understanding the demands of the market for new varieties, we constantly work towards developing new strains, which we further develop to ensure its breed true capability

Our customers are Aquarium Shops, Discus Importers, Distributors and Consolidators. Countries we would be able to ship to are United Sates of America, United Kingdom (and most of Europe), South Korea, Argentina, Japan, Hong Kong, China and etc. If your country is not in the list above, do let us know where are you located and we would check with our freight forwarders. We would be glad to hear from you and to explore we can grow your business by getting quality Malaysian Discus to your country.

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