2 PCS Non-return Check Valves for Aquarium Air Pump

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2 PCS Non-return Check Valves for Aquarium Air Pump

2 PCS Non-Return Check Valves for Aquarium Air Pump;
Specially crafted Non-Return Valves usually safeguard we air pump by preventing aquarium water from back siphoning throughout a energy outage;
Place these Air Pump Valves inside a airline tubing between the air pump plus aquarium water to avoid water returning down the air line.
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  • They are made from plastic information for lengthy time use
  • The Aquarium Valves are significant accessories for air pumps
  • Measuring approx. 2.08″ extended, 0.56″ diameter
  • Tip outside diameter: ~0.18″, Total Weight: 9g
  • Package Included: 2 x Check Valves

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