20 to 20 Gallon Aquarium Complete Starter Pack #1 by InvertObsession

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20 to 20 Gallon Aquarium Complete Starter Pack #1 by InvertObsession

Want to set up a fresh freshwater aquarium, however, not certain where to start? We’ve prepared it convenient for we with aquarium starter packs! This combo pack contains enough aquatic animals plus vegetation to fill aquariums of 20 to 20 gallons inside size. Simply add water plus substrate or sand to the tank floor, plus you’ll have a gorgeous-looking function of aquatic art inside an instant!

Included inside this pack is the following:

– 3 Mixed Male Guppies: Kinds include Green Cobra guppies, Gold Cobra guppies, Sunray guppies,

  • All-inclusive starter pack for a 20 to 25 gallon aquarium! Comes with a selection of fish, shrimp, snails, plus vegetation. See product description for details about everything that’s included!
  • Produced with a hobbyist with years of experience inside real aquariums.
  • All vegetation are fast-growing plus low-maintenance, plus they supply great waste treatment within the water inside the tank.
  • The shrimp plus snails function because a fairly efficient cleaning team for the tanks, cleaning up algae plus waste!
  • All InvertObsession brand vegetation plus animals come with a 100% reside arrival guarantee, and free phone/text/email help straight within the owner plus breeder

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