Allan ChangAllan Chang – We are located in Prai (formerly known as Province Wellesley), State of Penang, Malaysia, an area well known among tropical fish hobbyist for breeding quality fish. Our tropical fish farm has three indoor hatcheries which cover approximately 4500 sq. ft of floor space. With the capacity of 600 tanks, we produce 3,000 fish monthly which are sold to local and overseas market. Our tropical fish farm is managed by Mr Teoh, our master breeder, well known locally as an experienced tropical fish breeder. Often seek after by local breeders for tips and advice on tropical fish farming.

Our farm uses a systematic water changing system to save manpower. The water temperature is maintained at 29°C and solar energy is used which maintains the temperature at +-0.5°C. The water quality is checked daily. 100% water is changed once a day for adults and twice a day for young fries. The adults are fed with beef heart and tubifex worm, and newly hatched fries are fed with artemia neupli and moina. With our experience in packing, quarantine process and close working relations with our live tropical fish freight forwarders; we are able to deliver shipments to most countries safely.

Teoh Su Lock

Discus Fish breeder on keeping discus fish as a hobby: Teoh has been keeping tropical fish for over 30 years. His experience consists of breeding angel fish, guppies, sword tails, goldfish and farming koi fish. He is now acting as our farm’s consultant and advisor on diskus breeding and strain development. Started as a hobbyist, Teoh had won numerous awards for goldfish, swordtail and guppy competitions. When discus fish was introduced in Malaysia, they won in most of the open category tropical fish competitions. In one competition, his goldfish, after winning all individual categories was competing with a discus fish for the overall grand champion prize. After a prolonged discussion among the judges, the discus fish won. Having lost the grand prize to a strange brown colored, disc-like looking fish, he was determine to improve the quality of goldfish to win back.. He bought discus fish to study them and to understand why they had won. Eventually, he began to develop interest in discus fish and has since joined discus fish hobbyist all over the world their passion for the “King of Aquariums”. Currently, his passion for discus fish continues and grows stronger as more exciting new strains are being developed. He hopes to encourage more local hobbyist to keep discus fish by sharing his experience.

Like many others, hobbyist, hobbyist turn breeders, we learn and benefited from Shaifullah Yeng’s book – Penang Discus.

To date, it still remains the most informative book on Keeping Discus for hobbyist and breeders.

Penang Discus by Shaifullah Yeng

Our farm’s discus fish water parameters Discus Fish in our farm are kept in slightly acidic water. Water temperature is kept between 28° C to 30° C. Water hardness preferred by discus fish is soft, measured in Calcium carbonate mg / liter, between 20mg/l to 30mg/l. Water is changed twice daily at 80% volume of water in tank drained and replaced with fresh water. Farm Water Measurement

Water PH

  • 6 to 7 PH


  • 28° to 30°
  • Centigrade


  • 20 mg/l to 50 mg/l
  • (mg/L CaCO3 or ppm)
  • 1.12 °dH to 2.8 °dH
  • (degrees German Hardness)

No discus fish should be kept in water with pH lower than 5 or much higher than 7.5 Discus Fish originates from the Amazon. In their natural environment, discus fish prefers clear water, soft and slightly acidic. They can tolerate high temperature up to 35°C when they are trapped in pools during dry spell seasons in the Amazon. Preparing for shipment: Our discus fish quarantine procedure Discus Fish are selected and then removed to be placed into discus fish quarantine tank:

  1. Quality Control: During the next two days, the discus fish are inspected by our master breeder for quality control check. Any discus fish found not meeting the quality standard will be removed and replaced by another
  2. Conditioning: Minimum of four days is required to condition the discus fish before shipment date. During this period, the discus fish will not be fed and water temperature lowered to 26°C
  3. Packing: Discus Fish are packed two hours ahead before being shipped to the airport. Depends on the location of the airport chosen, travel time varies from 1 hour to 4 hours. Upon reaching the airport, health authorities and customs will inspect the shipment before loading into the plane for their final journey
  4. Mortality Rate: Base on our experience in shipping to locations where travel time takes between 36 hours to 40 hours (from packing to unpacking), mortality rate is less than 1%

Discus Fish Export Sizes Our discus fish are exported and priced using the following sizes below: 2inches – Small, 3inches – Medium, 4inches – Large

Discus Fish Size MeasurementThe sizes are measured from the tip of the mouth to the start of the tail, as shown on the image above.


  • 3.5 cm to 5 cm
  • 2 in


  • 6 cm to 7 cm
  • 3 in


  • 9 cm
  • 4 in

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