Acriflarine Potassium Permanganate

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Why everyday a few baby discus will die as reach to the size of 10cent and 20cent until leave a 10 to 15 pieces of fries . Is the parents got problem or fries take care problem?

Does methylene blue has expiry date?

What is acriflarine and potassium permanganate?

When I use the metronidazole to deworm my discus in 3 feet aquarium , half water why the discus will die? Is it the medicine i put is too much or less ? How much is the accurate ? I put 2 tablets

When treating chlorine poisoning what is the water level because I am afraid the dosage is not enough?


1. You can keep the fries till 10 to 20 cents coins size means you know how to take care of babies. They start dying at this stage means the breeders (Parents) must have problems. They carry certain bacteria or parasites in their bodies. These bacteria and parasites would not affect them as they have already immune to them. The fries have antibody which is only temporary while they are with parents.
2. No idea that whether the methylene got expired date. They can keep quite a long time.

3. Acriflavine can heal wound and P.P. can kill bacteria and parasites.

4.Metronidazole is to deworm the discus fish. 2 tablets in 100 liters of water. Raise the temperature to 31 degrees C.

5. Treating chlorine poisoning is to add more Chlorine conditioner. Apply antibiotic can help. There is one product from Thailand name ?Tran Fish? very effective to this poisoning.

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