Action Air® Treasure Chest & Diver Live-Action Aerating Aquarium Ornament – Color May Very

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Action Air® Treasure Chest & Diver Live-Action Aerating Aquarium Ornament - Color May Very

Penn Plax® Action Air® Aquarium Ornaments bring animation plus charm to the underwater planet when aerating a tank. This Action Air® Treasure Chest & Diver provides the aquarium which sunken treasure look & feel. The action of the torso cover starting & closing reveals the inside treasure when bubbles escape from the open torso providing the tank with much required air. Every ornament is built with remarkable detail plus weighted to aid them remain put. Just connect the ornament to a standard 3/16″ airline from a air pump (not included) plus observe the treasure torso gently open & close because a steady stream of bubbles rise within the torso assisting to aerate a tank. Utilize the stress control valve (not included) to change the motion as well as the amount of air. Every ornament is made of a durable plastic resin which is secure for a aquarium. Fun to observe plus interesting for we & the fish, Action Air® ornaments fit inside virtually any tank plus come inside a range of designs & sizes to continue to incorporate to a aquarium shape. Treasure Chest measures around 2-1/2″x 2″x 2-1/2″ significant whenever open. Diver floats plus is around 3-1/2″ tall.
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  • Real motion air-driven ornaments offer interesting action whilst aerating a tank.
  • Diver floats whilst the treasure torso opens & closes telling the treasure inside.
  • Made of the durable plastic which is secure for a aquarium.
  • Requires air pump & 3/16″ tubing (not included). Pressure control valve suggested.
  • Continue to incorporate additional desirable Penn-Plax® aquarium ornaments & products.

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