Activ-Flora Lake Gems for Aquarium, 20-Pound

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Activ-Flora Lake Gems for Aquarium, 20-Pound

Activ-Flora Lake Gems 20LBS (Grain size: 3.1 -6.3mm). ActivFlora Planted Aquarium Substrate is a Bio-Activ NUTRIENT-ENRICHED gravel specifically developed plus suited for planted aquaria. ActivFlora gravels are naturally abundant inside trace ingredients which immediately give a nutrient-rich environment inside that a aquatic vegetation might thrive plus achieve maximum wellness plus development.
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  • 100% All-natural – refuses to contain synthetic dyes or additives
  • Will not alter pH inside a Planted Aquarium
  • Naturally Spherical grains promotes maximum diffusion
  • Activ-Flora is wealthy inside Iron, no need for laterite
  • Non Toxic Colored Pigments; Creates a special plus colourful environment

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