Aggressive and Bullying

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I have a 55 gal I started collecting discus in August 04. I now have 5 and one is extremely aggressive it is a high fin red turq. I also have a asian spotted leopard that is constantly getting pounded by the other it becomes so bad that the asian gets little hive spots on its tail fin and looks very stressed. when it gets bad I put the hifin in with my angles and everything is fine in both tanks. I want to keep them together will they ever stop? Should i get rid of one of them?

The high fin Red Turquoise is aggressive, so remove and isolate it temporary for same time, then only return it to the original tank.
She will be tame down.
The old fellow in the tank will bully the new comer. Since she is so aggressive then make him a new comer.

Treat the Spotted Leopard with antibiotic.

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