Anti Bacteria and Parasite Fish Disease Treatment

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Question 1:
pp bath
i only feed beef heart mix ( as per your recepie ) and tetra bits – and frozen blood worms for breeding pairs
treatment is always in hospital tank only – not in main tank
how often do you repeat the treatment per month to get rid of parasites and bacteria
also is it good to do this treatment regular as part of maintenance to keep the discus parasite free

We do not use PP bath (concentrated PP dosage) as part of maintenance. We use it when discus are very sick.
Use wrong dosage, you destroy fish tissues.

We do use PP overnight (light PP dosage) as preventive and maintenance treatment.
– when fish not feeling well, we apply to sterilize tank and prevent bacteria from spreading
– preventive treatment for parasites – gill flukes

Question 2:
i use tap water with water conditioner prime 5 ml / 200 litter
after i got the tap water conditioned and i add the pp powder the water immediately turns brown / it doesn’t stay purple at all not even 2 minutes ( so how )
i tried to use gallon drinking water and add PP to it stays perfectly purple for long time 1 day with no fish in it
so yesterday i gave some fish a PP bath for 1minute or so and returned them back to the main tank
is this effective or how many times i have to give the bath to kill paratises
and also how to do the overnight treat meant if the water doesn’t stay purple ( not even one minute ) with my tap water ????

PP is a active caustic alkali and at high dosage, it burns organic matter very fast.
That is why we only use PP bath as the last resort to save the fish.
You do not leave the fish overnight at high PP dosage, it will burn all bad and good tissues.

If PP does not stays purple, it means the water contains chlorine or other chemicals. Using PP in this water quality is useless. You need good water quality or aged water from tap.

People have been using PP to disinfect natural sources of water for drinking when they go hiking. You only need to put one or two grains –

If it is good enough to drink then it is safe for the fish to leave overnight until the water turns yellow

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