AODE® 5w 300l/h Aquarium tank for your fish Submersible Filter w/ built-in Pump liquid calm 110118

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AODE® 5w 300l/h Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Filter w/ built-in Pump Water calm 110118

• Biochemical cotton nitrifier to boost liquid quality.
• Anti-friction, rustless,suitable for salt and fresh water.
• ABS synthetic covered human anatomy, durable construction, non-corroding.
• several application-able to pump and filter liquid, spray oxyen.
• created for submersible only use with flexible squirt bar to boost air amounts.
• No air pump needed in theory.
• Venturi impact: As water is moved into the tank,it could be ae

  • Ideal for various types of exotic seafood aquariums and today’s complex aquatic terrarium habitats.
  • Biochemical cotton fiber nitrifier to enhance water high quality.
  • Anti-friction, rustless,suitable for sodium and fresh water.
  • Low energy consumption,Low noise,Long life
  • For use in tanks to 25 gallons in proportions. Needs 6″ water level.

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