API Stress Coat Water Conditioner, 16-Ounce

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API Stress Coat Water Conditioner, 16-Ounce

STRESS COAT, with all the healing force of aloe vera, is scientifically proven to decrease fish strain plus heal damaged tissue. It forms a artificial slime coating plus replaces the all-natural secretion of slime which is interrupted by handling, delivery, fish fighting, or different types of strain. Helps minimize susceptibility to condition plus infection. Helps heal torn fins plus skin injuries. Reduces electrolyte reduction. Additionally functions immediately to eliminate chlorine, chloramines plus ammonia from tap water. Neutralizes thick metals. Use whenever beginning a fresh aquarium, adding or changing water plus adding fish. Scientifically proven to minimize fish strain by 40%. Scientifically proven to heal injuries plus improve regeneration of damaged fish tissue.


  • Removes chlorine & chloramines
  • Detoxifies thick metals
  • The healing force of Aloe Vera
  • Proven to decrease fish stress
  • Replaces slime coat


Removes chlorine, chloramines plus thick metals to create tap water secure for fish. Contains Aloe Vera, that promotes healing plus regeneration of damaged fish tissue plus types a artificial slime coating to aid avoid electrolyte reduction. Proven to decrease fish strain, that may result from changing water, bad water standard plus handling fish. High strain degrees could result a hurt immune program plus bad wellness. STRESS COAT is proven to lower fish strain by 40%.


  • Add 5 ml per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L) of aquarium water. Double the dosage to substitute slime coating plus to repair damaged skin plus fins.

API makes it simpler

Follow the API EASY CARE GUIDE methods to merely care abour a aquarium.

Start up & Change Water: Tap water contains chemicals, including chlorine, chloramines plus thick metals, that are dangerous to fish. Use STRESS COAT whenever beginning a modern aquarium plus when changing or adding water.

Makes tap water safe

Adding Fish: The transition from shop to house is stressful for fish. Whenever fish are stressed, they may lose their protective slime coating, that makes them susceptible to condition. STRESS COAT acclimate & safeguard fish.

Proven Efficacy

Testing proves which STRESS COAT reduces strain inside fish
Stress is the leading cause of bad wellness plus condition inside aquarium plus pond fish. Fish are stressed by netting, bagging, fighting plus bad water standard. A fish’s slime coating shields against condition plus assists heal tiny injuries however, is usually disrupted by netting, fighting plus accidental scrapes. Stressed fish are very susceptible to illness difficulties considering their immune program is suppressed. Whenever fish are stressed their body produces a strain hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a measurable signal of fish strain. Corticol is introduced into the aquarium waters from gills plus urine.

In this test goldfish were netted plus moved to a series of individual aquariums. Next half of the fish were treated with STRESS COAT plus half were untreated. The strain hormone cortisol was calculated over amount of time in treated plus untreated aquariums. THe results showed a statistically noticeable 40% reduction inside cortisol inside the STRESS COAT-treated fish compared to the untreated fish.

STRESS COAT promotes healing of damaged tissue
In another test fish with synonymous injuries were split into 2 groups. One group was treated with STRESS COAT. The 2nd group was left untreated. Veterinarians later examined the wounded tissue plus determined which the STRESS COAT treated fish had healed greatly quicker than the untreated fish.

STRESS COAT with Aloe contains all-natural healing proteins plus minerals, synonymous to a fish’s all-natural slime coating. STRESS COAT replaces a fish’s damaged slime coating with a safety healing layer or all-natural aloe extract. STRESS COAT works because a bandage, speeding the healing of damaged tissue.

Other Items to Consider whenever Starting an Aquarium
or Changing Water:


  • Allows instant addition of fish
  • Immediately begins the all-natural aquarium cycle
  • Reduces dangerous ammonia plus nitrite at begin up
  • Helps prevent fish loss


  • Promotes fish health
  • Promotes healthy gill function; improves fish respiration
  • Adds important electrolytes fish should reach peak coloration plus health
  • Promotes condition recovery

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  • Reduces fish strain plus heals damaged tissue, torn fins, plus skin wounds
  • Replaces the all-natural secretion of slime which is interrupted by handling, delivery, fish fighting, or different types of stress
  • Reduces susceptibility to condition plus infection
  • Use whenever beginning a new aquarium, adding or changing water plus adding fish
  • 16 oz. bottle

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