Aqua End Table 15 Gallon Aquarium

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Aqua End Table 15 Gallon Aquarium

We love this. We want this. We cannot think nobody looked at this before! The Aqua End dining table Aquarium is innovative from top to bottom: the 3/8-inch beveled cup top is illuminated by light shining through gleaming cup gravel regarding the bottom. It will be sets a sensuous state of mind. Included black acrylic base hides away the quiet filters and pump. Decorative plants and blue cup gravel are typical included. Performed we mention we would like this?   Thrillingly innovative square table tank. Solid, square

  • Thrillingly innovative square dining table aquarium
  • Solid, square 3/8-inch beveled cup top
  • Black acrylic pedestal base hides filters
  • Illuminated from beneath blue cup gravel
  • Holds 15 gallons of fresh-water

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