AQUABELLA Salt Water Treatment

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AQUABELLA Salt Water Treatment

AquaBella Bioenzyme water treatment is a revolutionary product which maintains the quality plus wellness of the aquatic environment for 1 year. What makes AquaBella thus efficient plus different from alternative microbial items? While others break down ammonia to nitrates (1 step inside the nitrification process), AquaBella carries the procedure from to completion, converting nitrites to nitrates plus nitrates to dinitrogen fuel which is introduced into the ambiance. This totally cleanses the environment, because opposed to merely recycling ammonia plus nitrates back from water. AquaBella also offers a high percentage of anaerobic microbes than many other treatments, marketing biological activity inside the tank bottom plus close to the surface. This feature helps keep gravel clean of natural residues. For right results, clean/change filters plus change water before AquaBella is used. Tap water need to be de-chlorinated before AquaBella is used.

  • No water change for 1 year guarantee
  • Promotes clean, crystal well-defined water; breaks down residue about gravel; plus reduces strain about fish
  • Makes having fish simpler plus more fun
  • Tested efficient inside 1000’s of aquariums
  • Treats about 125 gallons

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