AquaOrganic Aquaponics Fish Feed 5lbs

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AquaOrganic Aquaponics Fish Feed 5lbs

Then the fish is because natural plus sustainable because the rest of the aquaponics program! Contains qualified natural agricultural goods or elements which conform to the NOP’s nationwide list of components acceptable for natural farming creation. AquaOrganic feed delivers premium nutrition for all omnivorous pond fish including Tilapia, Catfish plus Koi.

  • 5 Pounds of USDA Certified Organic Fish Feed
  • No GMO’s, no fish food, plus no soy!
  • Created with a team of aquaculture, natural pet food, plus aquaponics experts.
  • Formulated for Tilapia, Koi plus additional omnivorous pond fish.
  • Can be conveniently be broken to a size which is right for fry plus fingerlings.

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