Aquarium Adjustable Ozonizer Ozone O3 generator Ozotech

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Aquarium Adjustable Ozonizer Ozone O3 generator Ozotech

Used to kill harmful bacteria and algae . Increases oxygen supply while generating ozone . It works even better with a protein skimmer or high polymer filter . Producing ozone from ambient air, suitable for aquarium and pond . Providing clear and healthy water for your fish, reducing the microbial load in water. Highly reducing the Nitrate, Ammonia and pollutants in water. Improving the oxygen content of oxidation-reduction potential in water.


  • This is to get rid of harmful bacteria and algae from your aquarium.
  • Suitable for fresh water and salt water
  • air pump / air tube (4/6mm) / air stone not included
  • VOLT. :100~120V , FREQ.:60Hz 7W
  • size:20.4×15.6×6.5cm(8″x6.1″x2.5″) LxWxH MADE IN TAIWAN

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