Aquarium Bio Cylinder Nano Breeding Sponge Filter 2″ x 6″, pair of 4

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Aquarium Bio Cylinder Nano Breeding Sponge Filter 2

How Does It Work?

A sponge filter makes use of bubbles of environment from an exterior air pump, or a built-in liquid pump to draw water through the sponge. As liquid is drawn out through raise pipe or pump, it is changed by-water going into the sponge. The sponge is a mechanical filter plus the surface of the many bubbles or pouches within the sponge provide a bed for the germs of a biological filter. The bacteria assist to break-down harmful waste (ammonia and nitrite). Sponge filters supply both technical and

  • Product name: Mini sponge filter; usage for: 5 gallon seafood aquarium
  • Dimension: 2″ x 6(h) with tube
  • Weight: 79g/each
  • Color: Black
  • Package content : 4 x sponge liquid filter

List Price: $ 11.98 Price:

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