Aquarius Aq15005g Glofish 5 Rounded Front Aquarium Kit

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Aquarius Aq15005g Glofish 5 Rounded Front Aquarium Kit

Ideal Starter Aquarium

This five gallon aquarium kit comes with multi-color LED lights – 3 hues with different color combinations plus blending light effects which actually brings the aquarium to existence. API internal force filter (45gph flow rate) might keep the fish healthy plus happy, all-the-while keeping the aquarium crystal obvious. Because the light plus filtration come with all the tank, there is fairly small you need to be concerned regarding buying individually. Be sure to use API water conditioners plus fish food to advertise healthy fish keeping.

Perfect for GloFish or additional tropical fish

Exciting LED hues – daylight white, twilight blue, plus unique midnight blue for GloFish

Enhances any area, workplace, or dorm

Includes complete filtration, full bonnet with 3 color LED lighting

Be certain to incorporate strain coating – Makes tap water secure by removing chlorine & chloramines, plus detoxifies thick metals

Quick begin enables instant addition of fish – No waiting period between start plus addition of fish

People of all ages enjoy lookin at aquariums. Aside within the belief which an aquarium is gorgeous, countless additionally feel which having an aquarium is relaxing, worthwhile, along with a perfect conversation part all simultaneously. This stunning desktop aquarium involves power effective LED light which brightly illuminates tank inhabitants without the expense plus heat transference of different traditional aquarium light. The instructions are convenient to adhere to plus many consumers write rave critiques regarding having an aquarium. Aquarium kits favored with everyone!

  • Tank Size: 5 Gallons
  • Full Hood with LED Lighting
  • Filtration System – API Internal Power Filter
  • Constructed of Impact-Resistant Acrylic
  • Filter Takes Replacement Cartridges AQ0083
  • Decorations plus Gravel Not Included

  • Generous 5-Gallon Capacity – Clear
  • Seamless Design Offers 360-Degree Panoramic Viewing
  • Internal Power Filter (45gph Flow Rate)
  • Create The Appearance That The Fish Are Actually Glowing In The Dark Provides The Ideal Habitat For The Pets – Perfect For Starting Aquarists
  • LED Lighting Features 3 Selectable Color Options – GloFish Blue, Twilight Blue plus White

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