Aquatic Life 46-Inch XS-UV Reef with 246-watt Light-emitting Diode pro Aquarium Light Fixture

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Aquatic Life 46-Inch XS-UV Reef with 246-watt Light-emitting Diode expert Aquarium Light Fixture

modern in Reef Keeping LED tech With near UV LED’s, the Aquatic Life XS-UV tall Output LED Fixtures function American made 3 watt Cree LED’s to create up to 246 watts of large PAR lighting effects, inside perfect range for vigorous red coral development and shade. These after that generation fixtures incorporate 400nm Violet and 420nm Actinic Blue LED’s that emit wavelengths close to the Ultraviolet spectrums, to much more closely match what corals normally obtain from sunlight—helping the corals

  • High Output 3 Watt Cree and Semileds LED’s produce a spectrum of light created for growing corals
  • Easily adjust light to adapt to switching tank environment by programming up to three separate twenty-four hour light cycles
  • Up to 18 programmable shade combinations can be found to enhance and highlight colors of fish and corals
  • Independently get a handle on six colored LED’s to tailor illumination to specific requirements of tank inhabitants
  • Included remote easily controls multiple light period programs and lighting effects

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