AquaTop Nano Aquarium Digital Heater with LED D1HT 50W

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AquaTop Nano Aquarium Digital Heater with LED D1HT 50W

For utilize with both freshwater plus saltwater applications, AQUATOP’s D1HT submersible Digital Aquarium Heaters are loaded with a very noticeable digital temperature show, an simple to use temperature control switch, along with a individually connected temperature sensor, providing a stable temperature environment for the aquatic existence. The submersible feature enables flexible location, as well as the D1HT Series is equally loaded with memory. This easy to read submersible Aquarium Nano Digital Heater is 50W plus involves a single digital readout to exactly control a aquarium fish tank temperature. It moreover saves vitality compared to normal analog heaters.

  • Single LED Display
  • Temperature adjust 63F-94F.
  • Suitable for tanks about 5- 25 gallons

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