AquaTop UV-10 Submersible UV Lamp

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AquaTop UV-10 Submersible UV Lamp

AQUATOP’s Series of submersible UV Lamps are the most wonderful method to control free-floating micro-organism and also condition causing pathogens. As water is pumped by these units with a suitable pump / force head(not included), the UV lamp clarifies plus sterilizes water, providing we with obvious healthy water.Simply attach 1 of AQUATOP’s Compatible Pumps/ Power Heads (not included) to the best of the Submersible UV Lamp. Submerge the compact assembly straight into we aquarium or sump plus energy found on the units. The force head usually draw water into the bottom of the device running it by the UV Lamp to sterilize water before it exits the pump / energy head.

  • Fully Submersible
  • Compact & Versatile
  • Helps Clarify Water
  • Eradicates Green Free Floating Algae
  • Suitable for Both Fresh & Saltwater Use

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