Baby Discus

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I have a pair of discus who spawn every 8-10 days, the female always seems to eat the eggs after day 2. I have separated the eggs from the parents but i cannot keep them alive after 7 days. I’m
not sure what to feed them or how to keep the tank as clean as possible, which is why they die, I think. Can you please help me?

Cover the eggs with the wire mesh
Yes, they can spawn every 8-10 days.
The female and male too will eat the eggs if no cover.
Do not separate the eggs from the parents.
They know how to take care of their babies by instinct.
Only the expert can keep them alive by artificial method.
No need to feed them until they are 1 ? 2 cm.
Then feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and daphnia.

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