Back to the Roots Aqua Farm

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Back to the Roots Aqua Farm

What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is an historic, sustainable way of farming developed by the Aztecs. It utilizes ninety % less water than conventional farming techniques plus combines aquaculture (raising aquatic animals inside tanks) plus hydroponics (cultivating vegetation inside water). The AquaFarm focuses all amazing highlights of large-scale aquaponics into a 3 gallon tank for the kitchen or classroom table. The fish poo plus pee, plus all which waste-water gets broken down by beneficial bacteria into compounds. The waste-water within the fish is then pumped up plus upcycled because an natural fertilizer for the vegetation. The vegetation take up the vitamins plus, simultaneously, clean water that then falls back down for the fish. There is not any soil – the vegetation are growing really about stones – all of the vitamins from the fish (no need for any synthetic fertilizers – it’s all natural!) There is not any should change water due to the vegetation – it’s a self-cleaning fish tank!
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  • Self-cleaning fish tank which grows food.
  • Fish waste feeds the vegetation. Plants clean water.
  • Includes everything you ought to begin and also natural seeds along with a discount coupon for a Betta fish.
  • Sleek plus appealing shape with 3-gallon capability.
  • Perfect for a kitchen or classroom. Additionally makes a remarkable present.

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