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I had many angels in my tank when I got 6 discus fish. They were hiding the whole day and refused eating.I sold all angels today & it seems like they are not hiding anymore. However it’s their 3rd day of hunger strike. what should I do to get them to eat. I corrected the ph from 7.0 to 6.2, & the temp to 82 all today. PLEASE answer fast before they die.P.S. when with the angels & prior to the corrections I offered them discus food & live brine shrimps-it did not help.

1. What you have done is correct. You can’t keep angels and discus together in same tank. Certain parasites can get along with angels but not the discus. Its good you have got rid of angels.
2. Is your tank bare or planted with plants? If it is a bare tank, treat them with Ariflavine and salt bath. Change water and treat them again for three days.
3. Feed them with live food. No overfeeding. Be patient.
4. They can’t refuse eating bloodworms if they are healthy.
5. Brine shrimps are for fry.

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