Battling Fish Food Mosquito Larvae for Baby Pellet x 3 Pack.

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battling Fish Food Mosquito Larvae for Baby Pellet x 3 Pack.

Tokyu-Fighting Fish is yet another unique product by M C T Aquarium. We’re the only real initial produces that integrates the original aquarium lighting fish food supply, mosquito larvae which saturated in protein into drifting pellet feed.

Tokyo-Fighting Fish has normal appeal to fresh-water fish. Being fresh-water seafood’s tradittional meals supply, this fragrant, well – processed feed significantly gets better all number of fishes appetite and increases fishes everyday food consumption.

– Feed F

  • Enhances normal brilliant tints .
  • Promotes health and longevity .
  • Highly Dietary for Betta fishes.
  • Special Immune substance included.
  • For enhancement of fin shape.

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