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I have recently purchased a 46-gallon bow front tank and currently planning my tank. I decided against salt water due to the fact I move about 3 times in one year. I have loved discus since I started reading up on them in “Tropical Fish Hobbyist.” My question is what would you recommend as a general setup for my 46 gal? I was planning on spending $400-$600 on supplies and such.I am unsure if a heavily planted tank is my best option or not, but am willing to do pretty much anything for a discus tank. My tap water here has 7.2 pH, no total ammonia, no chlorine and hard water. I am planning on purchasing a separate 40 breeder tank so that I can adjust the water before hand to suit discus and use it for bi-weekly water changes (so I don’t have to change water with fish in it).

1. You mean you want to set up a community tank for discus. That’s beautiful
2. Heavily planted tank looks wonderful and attractive. You need to supply heavy bubbles to provide sufficient oxygen at night
3. Plant some Amazon sword plants, which have broad leaves. That can give them good environment to lay eggs on the leaves
4. Water pH 7.2 is ok

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