Biggest Discus Fish

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I want to know how big can discus grow, not the wild caught, the aquarium breed. I know the size of the fish largely depends on the food and the water quality.
For example, if the fry are grown on good food like beef heart formulas lots of water changes are made to a extend of 90% 3 times a day, what is the maximum size discus can grow without live food? Which is the strain that grows the biggest then the other?

Biggest Discus Fish
The biggest discus fish can grow to 24cm in 13 months.
Not all the discus fish can grow to that size. It plays very important part in genetic, diet and feeding habit to bring up this giant fish.

The sizes of tanks would also help.
10 (2″) fish in 3ft tank
10 (3″) fish in 4ft tank
10 (4″) fish in 5ft tank

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