Blackening of discus babies

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I have some spawns of the blue torquise and the young are now a dollar size but they seem to be getting black (dark) even though i keep the water very clean. Any medication that could treat them let me know earliest and thanks in advance.

Change water 100% water.
Apply antibiotic and salt.
Repeat same treatment for five days.

100 liters of water:
1 tea- spoon of tetracylene
1 to 2 table spoons of salt.
Keep watching the fish, if the fish feel uneasy change water and reduce the antibiotic.
Salt remains the same.
First application of treatment apply antibiotic to maximum, then carry on for five days.

In the hospital tank.
Apply potassium permanganate for over night.
Change water on second day then apply OTC.
Change water on third day then repeat OTC.
Repeat the same treatment if necessary.

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