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I am having some problems in breeding at the moment. When I am breeding my discus i use a bare bottom tank and in it is a sponge filter and a spawning discus breeding cone 12″ my water is ph-6.7 gh-3 kh-0.  I use a 6 pod r/o system and the water coming out has 0 tds i add r/o right back to the ro water. I have 4 pairs that lay every 10 days or so and both go up and down the pot after each other. Once they have laid about 1 hr after i put in meth blue at one drop per gallon then both fish tend to the eggs.  I get a few white eggs after about 24hr but at around 50hr I can see little black dots in the eggs but then they seem to all go white and I end up with about 4/5 wrigglers. So the male is fertile the eggs do not seem to fungus. They are like stone white color and the temp I keep them at is 29c. Is there anything you could recommend as I have had this problem for some time.


You mean you have 4 pairs in the same tank to lay eggs. Each pair should be in different tanks. A bare bottom tank is suitable for breeding. Sponge filter is not recommended for breeding tank. You don’t use filter but only air stone. You mean you have only 4 or 5 wrigglers. You have a confirmed pair. That means only a few eggs are hatched out. This indicates eggs are not properly fertilized. The aeration should be gentle while spawning.

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