Breeding discus eat eggs

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Question 1:
Why is it that when the eggs hatch our parents eat them. Seven days later they lay more eggs and eat them again. This is a continuing cycle. Very frustrating.

Question 2:
I am having some leopard discus and they have grown up well and started breeding about 5 -6 months back. They breed regularly and give about 200 fries on average.But they eat the fries after 2 – 3 days of free swimming.All the pairs are doing the same. Please advise.

It could be an environmental factor.
The positioning of the tank is very important.
They should not be disturbed while guarding their eggs.
Otherwise they feel not secured they will eat their eggs.

They are very emotional when taking care of the babies.
They will fight due to the jealously.
As a result they will eat up their eggs.

They were raised up in an artificial method.
The do not have parental love.
They have no experience in nursing the babies.
Because they were not brought in that way.

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