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Hi I was wondering if you could tell me some good ways to breed discus.
I think that 2 of my discus have paired off so i put them in another tank by themselves it is a 33 gallon. So i was wondering if you could help me on some breeding triggers and also what is the best thing to feed my discus fish while I am trying to breed them.
And also after they breed what is the best thing to feed the fry to make them grow fast?
Thank You for all your help.

1. You have put them in one tank. It is a right thing you have done, if it is a real mated pair.
2. They will choose a suitable location they prefer. They will start cleaning it. Leave them alone they will do the rest and spawn.
3. The normal way of spawning; The female will lay the eggs and the male follows behind and fertilize the eggs.
4. After spawning apply some Methylene Blue to protect the eggs from turning fungus.
5 Both will take turns to fan the eggs.
6. After 4 to 5 days, you see the eggs become darker. That is larva.
7. You see larva starts shaking.
8. When the larva drops, the parent will pick them up and place them back.
9. For another week, the larva will start swimming and stick to the parents body.
10. The parents will nurse the babies.
11. The first food you give the babies is artemia (Brine shrimp)
12. Then follow by daphnia and worm.
13. When they are 1″ old, you can start feeding them fish burgle.

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