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I have three pairs of discus. In the end of December one of the pair gave eggs on filter cover. It was late so i so didn’t separate them.Second day I found the pair themselves eating the eggs I couldn’t do anything. After 2-3 days I separated rest of discus from that tank and placed PVC pipe to lay their eggs. Almost after 10-12 days the pair again laid their eggs but same thing happened. Now again they are laying eggs what should i do? I would also like to know that can I separate the female after laying eggs and in which season or month the female lay eggs and what is the interval) in between the a female laying eggs I would be very grateful if you help me to solve this problem thanks.

The whole process of laying eggs till nursing the babies it is born to them.
They will take care their babies by nature.
Why separate them? Let them share their work. They will take turn to fan the eggs.
In our country they lay eggs throughout the year. As long as she has eggs and she finds the other half then she will lay eggs and male will fertilize the eggs.
They are very productive they can lay eggs fortnightly.

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