Care of mated pair and their eggs

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I have 5 discus in a 55 gallon. The water is perfect and two have laid eggs on a leaf and are guarding it with a lot of care. What do I do? about feeding changing the water. what about the other tank mates? I have a 10 gal. should I get it ready for the fry? I am very pleased to see this happen but I didn’t think it would happen so soon. I got all my discus when they were little 2.5 now they about 4.

I know how you feel as I have experience this before.
Anyway congratulation!

You have a 10 gallon tank then make it a maternity ward.
You prepare the 10 gal. tank in this way:
Transfer 10 gal. of water from the main tank to the maternity tank.
Cut the leaf and place it at the bottom of the maternity tank.
Cover the leaf with a wire mesh.
Then transfer the pair to the maternity tank carefully.

Apply Methylene Blue solution to the maternity tank.
You cannot leave the pair together with other fish.
They have to work very hard to guard the eggs.
Some more while the fries are free swimming . . . .

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