CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand, 10 lbs.

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CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand, 10 lbs.

CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium SandUse CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand to create a supernatural experience by re-creating the all-natural globe inside the house. This aquarium sand is pH neutral plus will likely not heighten carbonate hardness inside the aquarium. This aquarium sand is ideally sized plus shaped for preventing the accumulation of detritus, fish waste plus food inside the substrate when being fish friendly. No have to worry regarding the bottom home, sand sifting fish with this substrate. Its sm

  • pH neutral sand won’t strengthen carbonate hardness
  • Unique sand sized grains resist the assortment of detritus, fish waste plus food in the substrate bed
  • Makes repair easier
  • Small, smooth grains are fish friendly
  • Perfect for Rays or additional bottom dwelling fish plus invertebrates

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