Potassium Permanganate

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For potassium permanganate bath what is the dosage require as I know its very strong medicine.


Potassium Permanganate (P.P)

It is good to kill bacteria and parasites.
Method of application A) Overnight or B) Bath

You prepare your P.P in solution.
A) For overnight you drop the solution drop by drop into the tank.
You will stop until the water is light purple.

B) For P.P. bath you apply strong solution.
Check every 5 minutes. Until you see the fish is uneasy, you
either transfer the fish to other tank or change water 100%.

If it is a serious case, it is good to apply combination of B then A.

Potassium Permanganate


Potassium permanganate Discus Fish

Discus Parasite Gill flukes

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I recently found that one of my fish had gill flukes and so I read about them in one of my books and they sound very serious, when I asked my local fish store about it they acted like it
was not a big deal. They gave me meds and told me one treatment would be enough but according to the book I have this sounds very life threating but the book didn’t elabrate on long term care. Will this spread through the tank? do they come from the gravel? Should I replace gravel or take out completetly? Is there a nutrition regimine I could use to bring everyone back to good health? I have a 55 with 5 discus. Biggest is 5″ smallest is 3.5″


Gill fluke is quite common in discus.
In those days may be but it is not a big deal nowadays.

All big problems begin from small problems.
If leaves uncared, it will spread to all others.
They will die of suffocating.

They are parasites attacking the gill.
The gill will be damaged and cannot breathe.

The best treatment for gill fluke is Potassium Permanganate.
Formalin is risky in handling.

Potassium Permanganate

Parasites like polluted and dirty water.
Clean water will get rid of parasites.

Hole in the head disease

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I recently acquired 6 discus and one of them started getting white spots, which I thought was ick. About three days later even more of these spots appeared and now they have resulted in a lesion about 0.5cm in diameter. All the other fish are fine with the exception of the affected fish. I’ve already stepped up on water changes and added a little salt into the hospital tank, where he is now kept in isolation. Its also worth stating that I had an undergravel filter and removed it. A lot of detritus was stored there and perhaps that was infested with bacteria, parasites etc. Can you perhaps shed a bit of light on the topic of Hole in the Head disease in discus, as it appears to be a very mysterious condition with various authorities on the subject attribute the cause to many different causes.


Hole in the head
Reasons: Lack of nutrition and deficiency of minerals.

Drastic fluctuation in water quality.

Symptoms: Small holes appear the head of the fish.
The fish become inactive as the hole slowly grow deeper and bigger.
The excrement of the infected fish becomes whitish and sticky.

Cure: Use medicine for treating Hexamita.
Adjust the diet.
Add minerals especially calcium to the food.

Rats make hole, snakes eat rats and stay in the holes.
Holes in the head is actually not a disease but lack of mineral especially Calcium.
The treatment is actually to get rid of external parasite that stays in the holes

Acriflarine Potassium Permanganate

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Why everyday a few baby discus will die as reach to the size of 10cent and 20cent until leave a 10 to 15 pieces of fries . Is the parents got problem or fries take care problem?

Does methylene blue has expiry date?

What is acriflarine and potassium permanganate?

When I use the metronidazole to deworm my discus in 3 feet aquarium , half water why the discus will die? Is it the medicine i put is too much or less ? How much is the accurate ? I put 2 tablets

When treating chlorine poisoning what is the water level because I am afraid the dosage is not enough?


1. You can keep the fries till 10 to 20 cents coins size means you know how to take care of babies. They start dying at this stage means the breeders (Parents) must have problems. They carry certain bacteria or parasites in their bodies. These bacteria and parasites would not affect them as they have already immune to them. The fries have antibody which is only temporary while they are with parents.
2. No idea that whether the methylene got expired date. They can keep quite a long time.

3. Acriflavine can heal wound and P.P. can kill bacteria and parasites.

4.Metronidazole is to deworm the discus fish. 2 tablets in 100 liters of water. Raise the temperature to 31 degrees C.

5. Treating chlorine poisoning is to add more Chlorine conditioner. Apply antibiotic can help. There is one product from Thailand name ?Tran Fish? very effective to this poisoning.

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