Coralife BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump, 250-Gallon

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Coralife BioCube Circulation Aquarium Pump, 250-Gallon

Coralife BioCube circulation aquarium pump simulates all-natural river plus reef currents by constantly circulating water throughout the aquarium. With a 250-gallon per hr flow rating this BioCube circulation pump makes a perfect addition to any Nano reef aquarium. The pump fits all models of BioCubes plus alternative aquariums 30-gallon plus beneath. Our easy-lock suction cup makes installation plus changes the snap as well as the energy-efficient engine plus impeller heighten water movement with less energy. Coralife Aquariums is to create the greatest standard goods to improve the experience plus achievement of the aquarium pastime.
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  • Easy-lock suction cup makes installation, changes the snap
  • Convenient cord-holding clips about both sides permit for positioning anywhere
  • Efficient, vitality saving motor
  • Fits all models of BioCubes

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