Discus acting like she is laying eggs …

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I have a blue diamond (male) and a white (female). She has laid eggs once, as soon as she laid them he pushed her out of the way and ate them.  This is I believe the third time now, they attempted one day when I was out. He helps her clean the discus breeding cone and watches her clean it but once the eggs hit the cone they’re gone. My question now is she is acting like she is spawning but nothing is coming out – no eggs. They are the only 2 in the tank, temp is between 83-86,  water changes every 2-3 days. Have all the symptoms of spawning just no eggs. Should I remove the male? What would cause her to go through the motions etc but not laying eggs?


I do not think they are a pair (male and female). I suggest you introduce some adult fish trying to get them pair up. They are now looking for partner.

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