Discus afraid of human presence?

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1. Are these discus generally afraid of human presence?
2. Well,my fish do feed well. I mean they eat alot. That’s the only time the would come out from hiding. Doesn’t this shows that they are healthy?
3. I have place them in a place of very little human traffic. They do swim around but go into hiding when I approach them.
4. Aren’t they exposed to human all the time at the shops. Are they very different in behaviour compare to other fish?

1. They do afraid of the strangers. They welcome their master (The feeder).
2. If they eat, they should be healthy.
3. Fish does not like shadows. That will frighten them. Previously I have suggested having an overhead lighting on the tank.
4. All aquarium shops have lighting on their show tanks. The fish are not scared. When they are frightened, they hide at the corner. This is a normal and natural behavior.

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