Discus Behavior

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Hello, two days ago I bought two new discus. When I purchased them, they both looked healthy and swam right up to the front, looking eager for food. Now they are in the tank at home and only one comes to the front to eat, the other always hides behind things until I turn the light out at night. Should I feed them at night? I am afraid that the hiding fish won’t get enough food because he is still scared to come out to eat with the others.

Yes. You can feed them at night.
In fact you can feed them at any time.
As long as you don’t overfeed them.
They are hiding at a corner. It could be caused by the environment factors.
Please refer to our web site: Guide Care.

If your discus is always hiding, staying in a corner, easily frighten and not going for food when feeding, most likely they are not happy with its surroundings.

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