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I am a novice at breeding and have just started setting up a separate breeding tank for my discus pair after several spawning in a show tank has proven to be disastrous. My question is can I feed discus fry with liquid food such as Interpet Ltd’s Liquifry No. 1? Secondly, where can I get brine shrimp eggs to cultivate brine shrimp for discus fry? Thanks for your help.

I used Liquifry for the fries almost 30 years ago.
Now it is not easy to get.

You don’t use Liquifry for discus fish.
In fact you don’t have to worry about the fries after free swimming. The fries will get food from their parents. You only need to feed the parents.
The best baby food is newly hatched brine shrimps. If you can feed them with brine shrimps, they will grow fast. Otherwise you can feed them with

The shrimp eggs come in a tin of 435 grams. You can ask the aquarium shop to order for you.

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