• Color Enhancing Hormones

    Facts about color enhancing hormones usage on discus fish Effects of color enhancing Color improvement: After enhancing you can see nice patterns and colors. It looks colorful and beautiful. When treated, discus will show their colors even when they are 1.5 inches to 2 inches in size. Negative Effects: Color fades when the effects of […]
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  • Learn to tell if Discus Fish is Male or Female

    Determine the sex of discus fish To find out male or female in discus is not an easy task. For an Asian to tell whether a person is a Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay or Korean is easy. However, for an Asian to tell whether a person a German, English, American, Italian, French or Spanish is […]
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  • Promote Pairing and Breeding

    Method to hasten discus breeding Good food of high nutrition Feed your fish with perfect food that consists of good nutrition. They also consist of minerals and vitamins to hasten their growth. In order to have the above minerals and vitamins you will have to prepare your own food – Discus in the wild Natural […]
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  • Discus Mating

    Breeding Discus Fish When your discus starts to pair up, it is probably a sign that they are ready to breed … You have put them in one tank. It is a right thing you have done, if it is a real mated pair In breeding, discus fish prefer acidic water They will choose a […]
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