Breeding Discus Fish

When your discus starts to pair up, it is probably a sign that they are ready to breed …

  1. You have put them in one tank. It is a right thing you have done, if it is a real mated pair
  2. In breeding, discus fish prefer acidic water
  3. They will choose a suitable location they prefer. They will start cleaning it. Leave them alone they will do the rest and spawn
  4. The normal way of spawning; The female will lay the eggs and the male follows behind and fertilize the eggs
  5. After spawning apply some Methylene Blue Solution to protect the eggs from turning fungus
  6. Both will take turns to fan the eggs
  7. After 4 to 5 days, you see the eggs become darker. That is larva
  8. You see larva starts shaking
  9. When the larva drops, the parent will pick them up and place them back
  10. For another week, the larva will start swimming and stick to the parent’s body
  11. The parents will nurse the babies
  12. The first food you give the babies is artemia (Brine shrimp)
  13. Then follow by daphnia and worm
  14. When they are 1 month old, you can start feeding them fish burger

Additional Info:

  1. Laying eggs but not hatching
  2. Could be both are female
  3. They will take turns to spawn
  4. Eggs are not fertilized. Definitely not hatch out
  5. Take one male, which you are sure he is. Pair them up temporally
  6. Then you will confirm their sex
  7. If it is a mated pair
  8. Apply anti fungus solution after spawned
  9. Use wire mesh to cover the eggs
  10. If eggs turn white again, separate them. Let the male rest for some time
  11. Of course the temperature is important. Too cold, the chance of hatching is less

Food timing for fry:

  1. From larva to fry free swimming, they do not eat
  2. Second day of free swimming the parents will take care of them. The babies get the food from their parents
  3. After one week or so, you will introduce first baby-food: Artemia or brine shrimp
  4. Then daphnia, worm, discus fish burger or Tetra-bit

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