Method to hasten discus breeding

Good food of high nutrition

Feed your fish with perfect food that consists of good nutrition. They also consist of minerals and vitamins to hasten their growth. In order to have the above minerals and vitamins you will have to prepare your own food – Discus Burger

Discus in the wild

Natural live food

Wild discus in rivers take natural food. They grow well and breed. However, discus breeders do not totally rely on the natural food to feed their fish. The main diet for their discus is not natural food but discus burgers instead. Live food like worm, daphnia, larva or bloodworm is excellent for the discus but they do have endless problems. They carry bacteria and parasites that will kill your fish. In cities, it is not possible to have this natural food constantly supplied daily. So, besides feeding your discus fish with burger as main diet, it is necessary to feed them with natural food as a supplementary diet.

How to pair them up?

Keep a few discus fish in a community tank, putting strains that you want to breed. Feed them heavily with live food. They should be fed at least twice a day. Change water after feeding.

Maturity (when they are ready to breed): When they are at the age of eight to twelve months old, they are more or less mature. Observe them closely. They will start looking for their partner.

Hiding at the corner: When you notice there is a pair of discus hiding at the corner, chasing others away and guarding their territory. This is the pair of fish that you are looking for. If you notice them chasing one another, find out which two always stays together. They often keep themselves at one corner.

Guarding & cleaning: The pair will guard their territory and start cleaning the area to get ready for spawning.

Breeding tank: Put the pair in the breeding tank. They prefer a place where it is not too bright, light traffic and activities. Use right pH to stimulate them. Adjust the water slightly soft and acidic. Soon they will spawn after they get use to the environment.

Eggs laid at the bottom of the tank

It is normal. Do not panic. There is nothing wrong. That is the location that they find suitable. Leave it as it is. It could be the sides of tank is full of algae. Anyway, they are laying the eggs, not you :) Cover the eggs with an iron mesh. Iron mess is a tool that helps prevent the eggs from being eaten up. Cover the eggs then they are safe.

When eggs hatches ….

Once they have laid the eggs, they will take turn to care for their eggs. They will fan their eggs with their fins.

What you have to do now is as follows:

  1. Monitor the temperature around 28 to 30 degrees C
  2. Apply Methylene Blue to protect the eggs from preventing fungus to spread
  3. Keep the water clean. Water can be partial changed. ( ΒΌ )
  4. From then onwards you can follow additional discus breeding info

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