Treatment for Chlorine poisoning

When you change water you should use the chlorine tester to find out whether the water contains chlorine. If so, use chlorine neutralizer to get rid of chlorine – (hypo). After changing water, if the content of chlorine is high, it will kill the fish in a very short period of time. You will then know the chlorine in the water causes the death of the fish. If the content of chlorine is low, it will not kill the fish immediately. The chlorine will get into the body through the gill and kill the fish slowly day after day. Always periodically test for small amounts chlorine presence in water.

Treating chlorine poisoning

  1. Prepare another tank with water no chlorine
  2. Transfer the fish to the new tank carefully. (Minimize the stress)
  3. Apply very small dosage of antibiotic plus salt
  4. Change water and repeat the same treatment every day for at least 5 days

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