Methylene Blue Solution

  1. Methylene blue is the best to stop fungus growth
  2. Mix 4 grams of Methylene blue in 1 liter of distill water
  3. Add in the solution drop by drop until the water in fish tank is blue. It will be safe. The fish can tolerate even as blue as you could hardly see the fish

Salt Solution / Bath

  1. For 75 gallons of water, you can add in 3 to 4 tablespoons of salt. Provided it is a bare-tank, otherwise the plants will die.
  2. Salt is only to disinfest bacteria and some kinds of parasites.
  3. Plants will die if you add in salt.

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  • Karthikeyan


    I recently bought Discus fish. My tank size is 2 feet. Recently i bought 1 pair. In that 1 has white spots. I am using “Ocean free white spot medicine” . Is it fine to use this.
    I have increased to 30C temperature.
    Could you please suggest me the solution to remove the white spots for my discus.


    • allan


      Follow the instructions in the medication. Do keep water in tank clean (remove left over food). Make small water changes then apply medication. Repeat medication as per instruction.


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