Color change in discus caused by environmental factors or chemical poisons

Discus color changes after changing water in fish tank
Question: After changing fish tank water, why does the color of discus fish changes?

Answer: This could be caused by environmental factors, chemical poisons or factors below:

  1. Stress: Incorrect methods of changing water will stress any tropical fish. Stress weakens its immune system and decreases its disease defense mechanism, giving chances for bacteria to attack. The discus fish will feel unwell, becomes discolored and loses appetite. It will get sick as the defensive mechanisms weakened and the immune system cannot prevent the spread of bacteria
  2. PH & Temperature: When changing water, fish tank pH and water temperature suddenly changes rapidly. The discus fish cannot tolerate the changes and will become discolored. Increase or drop of pH and temperature should be monitored; any difference should be minimal and gradual
  3. Fright: Fish tanks should be located in the best position where provides the most comfortable environment. Discus should not be frightened caused by movements outside the tank. Lighting must be at a good angle. Shadows will frighten the discus fish
  4. Chlorine: Tap water contains Chlorine. High content of chlorine in the fish tank water can kill the discus almost instantly. Expose to small content of chlorine in the water over a period of time is also very dangerous. It is an unseen weapon that will kill the fish slowly. Chlorine in the water damages the gill of fish and then poisons the body

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