Discus color turn Dark and fin is down

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I have 30 adult discus in 115gal tank. One of my big Red turquoise (3.5′) just turn very dard color and the fin is down. The fish looks very stress and keep hiden on the top or down on the bottom. (only happen in last 24 hrs). What should I do to save the fish?

When the fish hides at a corner and turns dark in color, it indicates she is
not feeling well or falling sick.

Put the fish in a hospital tank.
Treat them with acriflavine solution add salt.
Water changed and repeat the treatment for 3 ? 4 days.

The main tank:
Apply Formalin for precaution.
Dosage: Formalin 2 – 3ml. / 100 liters of water.

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