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I am new to keeping Discus and I recently purchased 9 Discus for my 90 gallon tank. Some of the Discus’ color is nothing like what it is supposed to be. The place I bought them from said that they are still young and they will get their full color in about another year. I think he said the Discus are about 1 year old right now (about 2-3 inches). Is there any truth to this? For example, I bought a Candy Apple Red and it is not white and red at all. Thank you.

1. Discus fish will only show their full color from 4in above, or 6 to 10 months old.
2. Most of the baby discus of the same strain, they look alike. As they grow they will show their individual colors and patterns.
3. Sometimes you see small fish with full colors, they have been enhanced and fed with hormone.
4. Be patient. Watch them grow and change colors and patterns.

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