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I have a community tank. It consists of 4 med sized black angels, 3 med tri-color sharks, 3 different corys, one med opaline gourami 9 neons and 2 3in Discus.
My tank is very clean and disease free. It is fairly well planted with Amazon swords, java ferns, and some crinkly type tall grassy looking plant which the name evades me at the moment. I have heard that placing Discus with Angels is not a good idea..but so far so good. I was wondering how they are going to be with the other fish in the tank.
So far they all seem to be getting along well with few minor territorial squabbles..but they are fiesty themselves. Can you give me some direction on how to care for these young discus. I am feeding them blood worms, tubifex worms (both dried and desease bacteria free ones) and of course some Tetra Min Tropical Flake food which the discus seem to only have heartedly eat. The current PH in the tank is at 6.7. Nitrates/Nitrites are at 0ppm..I keep up with weekly water changes. Use buffers too. The tank size is only 40 gallons.

The two discus fish can get along well with all the tank-mates you have in the tank. I think you need not worry too much about the angels. As long as you can keep the tank free from disease.

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