Discus will not eat

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I have four discus in a 75 gallon tank. Two of the four stay hidden in the back of the tank even during feeding, which is unusual. I have recently noticed that the two hiding will sometimes excrete a white blob of fecal mess. What do you reccomend for treating internal parasites? The temp of the tank is 86 degrees> pH is 5.5> There are no nitrites/nitrates> Optimal water conditions- I have started to add vitamin supplemnt to their frozen food, but the sick alpha only pecks at it and doesn’t seem to be ingesting anything, as he’s real skinny. Is there anything I can do to help them gain their appetite while they are sick?


1st. Day
Treat them with Epsom salt.
One to two tablespoon of 100 liters of water

2nd Day
Metronidazole – Pure form. Used when discus will not eat, white feces are
present. Dose 1/4 teaspoon per 20 gallons daily for 5 days.

Dose may be repeated

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