Discus eating disorder

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I brought a pair of red spotted leopards, at first they both ate well, one sadly died after jumping out of the tank. The female left is now starving herself, she won’t eat separated even though I did so for 2 weeks, or together with the others. I have been enticing her with all different foods, live & frozen as well as packaged…What can I do? The rest of the dozen community Discus are fine, no signs of disease or worms or so forth…In desperate need for help…Is she lovesick, should I introduce another friend for her?

Why did the fish jump?
The positioning and the surrounding of the tank are very important.
Find out what reasons why the fish to jump, otherwise you will keep on losing your fish.

You can try this: Apply Epsom salt after water change. Repeat this for a few days. I think she will then eat.

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